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Hospital Dialysis Water Plant

It is the quality of water that puts significant impact on performance of hemodialysis system. Considering an integral part and key requirement for a successful dialysis treatment, it is necessary that hemodialysis water must follow certain standards set up by related authorities. At Netrox Aqua Fresh Pvt Ltd., we manufacture customized reverse osmosis water systems that produce water following recommended standards of AAMI, FDA and ISO. We assure you about the quality of water, which is further used for renal replacement therapy (RRT). Output water meets circulars and standards defined in the European pharmacopeia.

Reverse Osmosis is the most trusted water purification technology used in purifying water for hemodialysis process. A typical dialysis water system combines Pre filter or Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. No matter what you source water is, we provide a safe, reliable water purifier system that is designed to produce water to ensure safe, high quality care for hemodialysis patients. To know more, how we help you in setting up a reverse osmosis dialysis unit.

netrox hospital dialysis water plant ro plant

Working Principal Of LPH RO

Reverse osmosis is water purification process in which pre-treated & filtered water is connected to the high-pressure pump where pressure is developed and fed to the RO membranes. Reverse Osmosis membranes work on the Cross flow Filtration method where the salts get rejected partially and deliver pure water. Purified water is referred to as product and waste water is referred to as concentrate or reject. The percent of water delivered as product is called the recovery. The ratio of recovery& output parameters depend upon the feed water quality, type of membrane, temperature and total RO unit design considerations.

Hospital Dialysis Water Plant

Product Information
  • Single Stage Dialysis RO System: Central Stage RO Plant
  • DM Plant for Dialysis: Rental RO plant for dialysis
  • Water Sampling And Analysis: Precise consultation
  • Custom Designing: Installation and training
  • Repair and AMC: Spare parts supply